Quality Cattle and Horse Hay

At Wood River Ranch, our hay is just as important to us as it is to you.  Because we are also feeding our hay to our own cattle and horses, we go to great lengths to make sure it’s the best.  At 7,000 feet our growing season is short and protein levels are high.  Our fields are a good blend of Clover, Alfalfa, and Sanfoin as well as Timothy, Brome, and Orchard grasses.  We implement a weed control program endorsed by Park County Weed and Pest to ensure our product is as weed free as possible and to maintain our Park County Quarantine Released status.

We take great pride in the quality and consistency of our hay. We cut our hay at the right time of day insuring high feed value, good color, and that wonderful smell that tells you this is quality hay. Our hay is conditioned during harvest to fracture stems which shortens drying times and preserves leaves to ensure the highest possible nutritive value.  Baling, often in the dark, occurs when the moisture content in the air is just right.

Our balers are set at very high baling pressures producing tight, uniform, easy handling bales with consistent flakes for easy feeding. We bale in both small squares and large rounds to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of customers.  Our big rounds are net wrapped so they stay wrapped and help shed moisture.  The latest in John Deere technology allows us to adjust the size of the bale with the push of a button, based on your needs.

Our small squares are usually baled around 60 pounds because most of our customers don’t like breaking their backs to feed them.  Small squares are baled by contract only so get your orders in early and we always offer discounts if you load them yourself!

For more information regarding our hay services, please call us at 307-868-9111.


Take a look at our picturesque Hay fields.

Operating Under Chad Herman, Wyoming Outfitter Liscense #BG187