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By the end of the 19th Century the American Bison was reduced to a mere few hundred. No other North American animal symbolizes such historic lessons of a species nearly wiped out. It also gives us proof we are capable of reintroducing and building back a species to what is now a sustainable resource for a next generation. Of the roughly 450,00 to 500,000 buffalo in North America, 20,000 being free ranging in Parks, we are proud to offer a few each year of these iconic animals to our guests.

Wood River Ranch Outfitters and our neighboring Antlers Ranch have teamed up to provide an annual Trophy Bull Harvest as well as a Cow Meat Harvest. The Antlers Ranch is a multi-generational family-owned-run operation and has been raising bison for 25 years. The Bison are free to roam the pastures on the 30,000-acre ranch and feed on the rich high mountain grasses. These bison are raised for meat production and are free from antibiotics and hormones. Each year we will offer one Trophy Bull hunt for sale starting at 9500.00.  These old bulls will be scored in July prior to the hunt in Jan and most will score in SCIs top 5. Bull and Cow harvest begins in Jan and runs until mid Feb to ensure the best hide quality.

The bison experience starts when you turn left at the Wood River Valley and head up the road toward Our Ranch. You will pass thru the Antlers 30,000-acre Bison ranch and view some of the 1000 plus head of bison on your way to our Lodge.

Arriving at the ranch we will check you in to one of the suites in the “Hawks Rest” where you can enjoy the views and all the Wood River Ranch has to offer while dinner is prepared. The Ranch Lodge offers the finest in Western Hospitality and the dinner service at the Lodge is a special treat. Following your nights rest we start the “Harvest Day” with introductions to our guides and a ranch breakfast, then head down to meet the ranch hands at the Antlers Ranch. You will have the opportunity to pick your bison and harvest it using your own weapon or we can provide one. If you would like assistance, we can harvest the bison for you. Harvesting an estate bison is bit of a chore so we utilize heavy machinery to aid in the process of breaking down the meat into quarters. We encourage all participants to jump in with a “Sharp” knife as many hands make quick work. We take every step to ensure these Bison are harvested in a calm environment and processed for the best flavor quality. While this is not hunting a bison, we feel it is a special opportunity to harvest one of these magnificent animals.

The Bison experience doesn’t end with 400lbs of arguably some of the leanest, most flavorful meat on earth. We can arrange to have your meat taken to a local butcher or help you to get it ready for the trip home. We have arrangements with our local Tannery to turn your hide into a wall or rug decoration and can arrange your skull for a Euro mount.